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We enjoy giving a helping hand to buyers who might be struggling with their potential options. That’s why we have performed a long and thorough research in regards to the best blow dryers. We’ve looked at owner feedback, review sites, social media activity, and value offered for the price. What’s more, we have analyzed the quality of the products and the sales figures of various units. After going through thousands of models, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 is the best blow dryer for the money. It meets and exceeds the expectations of many users in the United States and Canada and comes with a plethora of features one might find it hard to say no to. Its powerful motor makes it the right alternative for both fine and frizzy hair. Moreover, it is very easy to use and lightweight enough so that it poses no problems for people having trouble with handling heavy objects. If the Babyliss Pro isn’t available or you find it to be a little out of your budget, you may want to consider the Revlon RV544PKF, as it’s the second best and offers almost just as much power. Besides, it has a wide variety of useful characteristics, ranging from a cold shot button to a diffuser attachment.



Learn how to find a quality blow dryer in 2017



The two main types that are available on the market today are retail and professional. While the latter is somewhat pricier, it takes the hassle out of drying your hair, because it’s faster and slightly more reliable. What’s more, professional alternatives are often constructed with high-quality materials, which means that they have a more durable construction compared to their retail counterparts. The working life of hair dryers you might find in salons is estimated at approximately 2,000 hours.

Best hair dryer in 2016

Retail units are the affordable and lightweight option, which counts for something if you’re not ready to make an investment and spend over a couple of hundred dollars on a blow dryer. However, they come with a more limited working life compared to their professional counterparts, in that they can be utilized for approximately 500 hours.

On the one hand, retail models are easier to handle and are the best choice particularly if you’re a frequent traveler. In fact, some of these models have been specially designed to be travel hair dryers. On the other hand, you might find that a retail unit can break down after several years of use and thus force you to purchase yet another blow dryer. It ultimately boils down to how much you’re willing to spend on a product that lasts through the years or even more than a decade. Regardless of the type you end up choosing, the fact of the matter is that the wattage and other features such as the heat levels might be more important in the long run.



The vast majority of the models we’ve come across during our research come with a power of at least 1,300 watts. In fact, most blow dryer reviews recommend units above this threshold. Wattage is important particularly if you want to be aware of the time it will take you to dry your hair. The higher it is, the faster you’ll wrap up your hair routine. While some say that blow dryers with 1,800 watts are the right choice for longer hair styles, actually that much power is rarely necessary if you have long and fine hair. Higher wattage levels are only required if your hair is very thick and curly, as this type is known to dry a lot slower compared to fragile hair.

Another detail you might need to consider even after you’ve purchased your unit is that it should come with customizable heat levels. In actuality, the wattage can be correlated directly to the temperature settings of the unit. Therefore, a higher temperature and a higher RPM will require more wattage, whereas using the product on a low setting means that it will be consuming less power.


Best blow dryers of 2017


Dryer modelPricePowerExtra featuresRatingBest price:
Babyliss Pro BABNT5548
1.Babyliss Pro BABNT5548
$$$$2000 WattsIntegrated Ion generator,
Revlon RV544PKF
2.Revlon RV544PKF 1875W
$$1875 WattsTourmaline Ionic Technology,
concentrator, diffuser
Rusk Speed Freak
3.Rusk Speed Freak Professional Ceramic
$$$$2000 WattsCeramic technology,
shock proof
Bed Head Bh407
4.Bed Head Bh407 1875
$$$1875 WattsIonic technology,
Laila Ali LADR5601
5.Laila Ali LADR5601
$$1875 WattsIonic technology,
PIK attachment



Heat Settings

The type of heat that the blow dryer uses is important to the health and appearance of your hair. The top blow dryers in 2017 will not only remove water and moisture from your hair, but will also help to improve its luster and shine. There are four general types of heat commonly used, and some models use a combination to provide you with the best results.

Ionic blow dryers remove the water molecules from your hair, without drying out the follicle. This allows your hair to retain some moisture for a soft, healthy shine, without embarrassing frizz. Ceramic blow dryers emit a low level of heat that is perfect for thin, fine hair, while infrared models prevent your scalp from drying out and flaking. The best blow dryer of 2017 uses tourmaline to conduct ionic and infrared energy. This semi precious stone removes water, while also helping to heal dry, damaged sections of hair.

The safest way of making sure that you preserve the health and appearance of your hair is to select a model that comes with customizable heat settings. If you’re already aware of your hair type and don’t want to waste any more time on browsing the market for new and improved models, perhaps you already know which type of heat functions work best for your needs. By contrast, if you have little to no knowledge when it comes to the temperature requirements of your hair, we recommend purchasing a unit of which the heat can be adjusted according to your needs.

Top hair dryer in 2016



There are three types of technologies that are currently being used in modern appliances such as the best blow dryers of 2017: ionic, tourmaline, and ceramic. Hair professionals all over the world recommend getting a model that combines all of these technologies. However, sometimes these units can be less affordable compared to the ones that come with just two technological advancements.

Ions make it possible for the owner’s hair to dry faster while retaining moisture. Even though it might sound contradictory, the fact is that ions are excellent when it comes to restoring the shine to damaged hair because they’re able to eliminate the excess moisture on the outside of the follicle without affecting it on the inside.

Tourmaline dryers have a gemstone coating that’s rich in minerals. These are known to emit negative ions and contribute to the shine everyone’s looking for on a daily basis. In a nutshell, this type of blow dryer can make anyone’s hair feel and look healthier.

Ceramic units have the advantage of drying the hair in a timely fashion. Unlike the ionic technology we were referring to above, ceramic alternatives dry the follicle both on the outside and on the inside. However, since the heat is rather mild, it is close to impossible to damage hair with such a model.



Nowadays, a vast array of accessories can be purchased separately or accompany the actual product in the box. Some of the most usual extras we’ve seen are concentrated nozzles, diffusers, and picks. Concentrated nozzles are the best when it comes to controlling hair and styling it according to your taste. That’s why they’re the right accessories for directing the airflow to a particular section of your hair.

Diffusers are the right kinds of accessories to use for people who have curly hair that tends to get a lot of frizz, but they also do a great job at putting loose curls into straight hair. Picks are the most fundamental extra one might consider, particularly if he or she is looking for some additional volume at the root of the hair. The size of the pick should be correlated with the length of the user’s hair. Thus, people with short hair should benefit from using a shorter pick.

Rusk Speed Freak

Extra features

Some features can also make a blow dryer easier and safer to use. Units can include a function for steam, which is ideal for hair that easily tangles. The steam also helps to prevent damage due to frequent drying. Other hair dryers include the ability to shoot a blast of cool air that will help keep your style looking fresh and beautiful throughout the day.

Some say that swivel cords are better in that they considerably increase the durability of the product. If you don’t like tangled wires, you probably need to look for this feature. Other users have found that they benefit from using a unit that comes with an auto shut-off feature. What this means is that the blow dryer is turned on automatically when it’s being picked up, and it’s turned off when it’s put down.


Budget and owner feedback

If you have the time, be sure to estimate your budget and decide just how much you’re willing to spend on a new model or a replacement. Professionals tend to recommend expensive hair dryers because they say they offer better results. High-quality dryers can be purchased on sale in a variety of marketplaces, including Amazon.

Although it is time-consuming, be sure to devote some of your research to reading product reviews. People who’ve run into some type of problem with their item will undoubtedly express their dissatisfaction, and while they’re at it, they may also detail the issue. This way, you can avoid purchasing a unit that isn’t as durable as another one you might have been prospecting. The number of positive reviews is another factor to consider, as most bestsellers have been tested by many people before you.


What is the best product


Nowadays, purchasing one of the best hair dryers of 2017 seems like a complicated thing to do. Research takes time and the market’s filled with many good products. Which one should you pick? Check out the models we’ve selected below, as we have found that they’re the most dependable, affordable and well-made.



Babyliss Pro BABNT5548


1. Babyliss Pro BABNT5548

Babyliss Pro is one of the most esteemed manufacturers of personal appliances, and this unit makes no exception when it comes to high quality standards. This is a 2000-watt blow dryer that can be used both for frizzy hair and fine hair.

The model can be bought in two variants: a standard blue one and a conicurl variety. Buyers who are interested in getting a compatible accessory might want to check out the Babyliss Universal Finger Diffuser, which works with this model and others manufactured by the same brand.

Customers from all over the world claim that it’s lightweight and easy to handle, as its size seems to have been developed for the unit to fit even small hands. From what we have seen, this is one of the most acclaimed units on the line, as it has garnered over 900 positive user reviews.

As if the unit power hadn’t been enough, the manufacturers have included six heat and speed settings, a concentrator nozzle and a cool shot button. Considering that this is a remarkably powerful blow dryer, it’s worth noting that the heat and speed settings are a great help when it comes to customizing the model in agreement with the type of hair of the buyer.

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Revlon RV544PKF


2.Revlon RV544PKF 1875W

Revlon products manage to combine affordability with top quality. This is a 1875-watt blow dryer that has just 2 heat and speed settings. it might not be as versatile as the formerly mentioned Babyliss variety, but it has a wide array of attractive and useful features, such as a cold shot button and a concentrator and a diffuser attachment.

Weighing in at just 1.7 pounds, the Revlon RV544PKF is highly usable and can make drying one’s hair a pleasurable task. This is one of the most popular units on the market today, which is why it’s a bestseller on Amazon and other online marketplaces. Considering that this model has acquired over 3,000 positive user reviews, its reputation practically speaks for itself.

Many owners have characterized it as being both lightweight and efficient, and that is not really a surprise since the Revlon is being used by hair professionals and not just by home users.

The Revlon features the latest in tourmaline, ionic, and ceramic technology, which means that it’s one of the most cutting-edge products that are available on the market today. What’s more, it usually costs less than fifty dollars and that is an amazing price point for the value it offers.

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Rusk Speed Freak


3.Rusk Speed Freak Professional Ceramic

Even though it might not be as economical as some of the previously described models, the Rusk Speed Freak blow dryer is certainly worth having a look at. With 7 heat and speed settings and a removable filter, we might go as far as say that this unit can be utilized for any hair type. The 2000-watt performance can make drying hair happen in a matter of minutes.

The model has gathered more than 470 positive reviews, and it’s known to do wonders on wavy and frizzy hair.

The neat thing about the Speed Freak is that it’s shock proof, which means that it has a way higher chance to last for a decade or more, depending on the way the owner maintains and cares for it.

As is the case with other products we have analyzed, this one features a cool shot button. However, there’s a small inconvenience to the cool button of this model, as it has to be held down constantly in order for it to provided the needed results. Even so, since the cool shot feature is located in such a way that it’s easy to press and keep pressed, this is by no means a deal-breaker.

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Bed Head Bh407


4.Bed Head Bh407 1875

Some personal appliances don’t come cheap, but you won’t need to ruin your budget if you opt for this model. It is affordable and well-made and is more than capable of providing massive shine and touchable texture.

Just like other products in the line, this one has a cold shot button, a removable end cap and a concentrator attachment.

Buyers state that it is lightweight, weighing in at just 1.1 pounds. Moreover, it’s remarkably easy to handle. Close to one hundred people who have chosen this unit were satisfied with their purchase and have provided 5-star ratings. Some say it has become their top favorite blow dryer, even though they have tested a few models over the years.

Several reviewers have taken the time to note that it might take eight to ten minutes for the unit to do its job with very thick hair. This is an advantage as it does what it’s supposed to do in a timely fashion compared to other units on the line.

From what we’ve seen, the Bed Head Bh407 is among the best options under just thirty dollars. Since it appears to provide results similar to the ones offered by professional grade dryers, it’s definitely worth considering.

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Laila Ali LADR5601


5.Laila Ali LADR5601

One of the first things that strike the eye about this model is its design. The color combination of purple and gold makes it one of the most attractive blow dryers we’ve come across.

The unit is well-known for drying hair fast and for reducing frizz. It appears that this product also speaks to the needs of ethnic consumers just as well as it does for everyone else. The ionic technology employed in developing this product makes it possible for the users to dry their hair without breaking or damaging in follicles in any way.

The neat thing about this model is that it has a removable end cap, making it easy for consumers to clean the unit as thoroughly as possible. Some might even be interested in purchasing the blow dryer for professional use, so this detail might be a net advantage when it comes to drying the hair of one client to the next.

The Laila Ali LADR5601 comes with comb. The package includes a PIK attachment. While it might not have received the same amount of appreciation such as the products we have talked about earlier on, this one has nevertheless managed to gather over seventy positive reviews.

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Hair drying tips


Hair drying techniques differ largely from one type of hair to the next. The length of the hair also has a say when it comes to operating a blow dryer, because your hand will start to feel tired after a while, particularly if you’re using the wrong movements.

With short hair, the technique might depend on whether or not you have fine hair or coarse hair. For example, short hair is generally thought of as being low-maintenance, but it is not the same with all people. Our advice to you is to start by properly drying your hair with a towel. After you’ve arranged it with the right brush, you can proceed to spritz a heat-protecting leave-in conditioner all throughout your strands. It should be noted that the roots of the hairs can be affected by high heat, particularly if your hair is not dry.

Hair drying tips


Medium and long hair can benefit from a little volumizing or shine serum, depending on what you are trying to achieve. If your locks are long, you can dry them without using a brush. It is not the same with medium hair, however, as you’ll need to blow dry it on the sides and pay great attention to your bangs, if you have any.

The type of brush you’re using also has a say when it comes to getting the perfect look you’ve been dreaming about. For instance, if you use a round brush with metal in the middle, you risk heating it up, damaging your hair and then blaming it on the blow dryer. What’s more, most people dry their hair when it’s soaking wet. The rule of thumb is to towel dry as much as possible as this will allow you to use a lower heat setting even if you’re in a hurry. Remember, too much heat can severely damage your hair.